Resolve to be Technology Free (kinda)

Do you remember the last time you truly cleansed yourself from social media? What about text messages and phone calls? Don’t forget the YouTube videos! It’s probably been awhile.

I know, I know, Aunt Carol just loves to see photos from your work Christmas party, but wouldn’t it be nice to just take a break from technology?

 Free up some time to accomplish things that matter, instead of tweeting cat videos.  
Taking a break from social media and technology will give you a chance to relax and have time to yourself.

So this year, instead of giving up potato chips or sodas (Still try and be healthier), try to give up a life of social media posts and technology. Here are a few ways to be technology free in 2016!

1. When you get home from school or work, leave all phones, tablets and computers in one designated spot until the following morning. If you’re worried about missing an important call, iPhones have a setting under “Do Not Disturb” that allows you to mute all notifications but allow calls from certain contacts or repeated calls. At least this way, those notifications aren’t so tempting to get to.

2. Make a “No Phones” rule for the dinner table. Nothing irks me more than when I’m having dinner with someone and they’re constantly on their phone. Whether you’re having dinner at home or at a restaurant, cell phones and tablets shouldn’t be a part of it. Take time to enjoy the company of others and engage in conversation.

3. If you’re anything like me, giving up social media and technology entirely just isn’t an option. You should still try to set a time limit. “I won’t spend more than 10 minutes watching cat videos today.” Don’t let social media become a black hole for your existence. Don’t check Facebook and click on a link that takes you to a video that directs you to a page with all of the cat GIFs you could ever imagine. Give yourself a limit. If you need to, get up and take a walk or grab a snack. Whatever it takes to keep your from falling into the black hole that is social media.

It might be difficult at first. You’ll find yourself bored and reaching for your phone. But instead of scrolling down your Instagram feed, do something productive. Read a book, join a gym, and start taking yoga classes.

By putting your phone down, you’re giving all of the other New Year’s Resolutions a fighting chance!