6 Ways You’re Wasting Money Every Day

Hint: You probably started your morning off with one of these today.

So I originally posted this last year. But I had to reshare it because it’s so relevant to everyday life! #OldieButGoodie #TBT

Living your life doesn’t always have to be costly because there are little things that we can do every day to save a little money here and there. Don’t belittle those little saving — sure it’s 10 cents here and 25 cents there, but those little cents can become dollars and may be hundreds over time. Every penny counts! Here are a few tips to help get you started.

1. You wake up and the first thing on your mind once you are out the door is your ritual caffeine!  Coffee, that beloved drink that gets us going! You can spend $3 a day easily and with 20 plus work days in a month that’s $60, not including the weekends.  I bought myself a pretty red coffee maker and did the math — a cup of coffee from my kitchen with fancy creamer was only 17 cents a cup! This also works for any drinks you may buy during the day (whether it’s vending machines or convenient stores).

2. Before leaving the house you can save yourself easily by checking the thermostat. Turn down the heater (for every degree you do so you can save 3% on your bill). Depending on where you reside this could save you a dollar a day in the winter months. Heat tends to cost more. In the summer months turn A/C up 2 or 3 degrees and use your fans once you return home from work, the constant breeze of air will make it appear to be cooler.  This idea can keep those kilowatts low and in your favor.

3. Moving onto lunchtime. Packing and preparing lunch from home is another great way to save daily. Following through with that grocery list is sure to put some funds back in the bank. Averaging at $7 a day will result in a whopping $140 a month. It does take a little time but your savings will be astronomical! The first choice of mine is leftovers. As you clean the kitchen after, dinner go ahead and prepare your lunch! Or pack fruit, sandwich and a handful of nuts. Another savings from eating at work is saving gas! Yes, not giving in to driving to a drive thru will result in less gas used, thus saving you more money.

4. Speaking of gas, did you know that filling up in early morning when the ground is still cool puts more fuel in your tank? Instead of placing the nozzle on fasted feed use the slowest, this allows for more gasoline and less air. Fill back up at half a tank, evaporation happens faster when less gas is in your car. Pretty neat tips, when you think about it.

5. Get those scissors ready to clip coupons! I’m with you with what a pain it can be to go through the local newspaper to look for specials and most of the time its products you aren’t even shopping for. So go to instead. Here you can print out coupons for just about anything you are shopping for on your list. I have saved an average of $8-15 per trip. Last month I saved enough to treat myself to a fancy pedicure. Love this alternative.

6. Paying bills online has its perks too. First, you can schedule your payments so you won’t be late (with credit cards that’s a $35 plus for late fee). Second, you save time and money by not having to manually write checks and mail them. Did you know the current price for book of stamps is close to $10?

Saving money doesn’t have to be a painful process. Making few smart choices each day can lead to your savings account blossoming in no time.

Originally posted 1/27/14

Revised 10/15/15