Designer Denim (Without Going Into Debt)

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, here’s one of my oldie but goodie blog posts about saving on style. 🙂

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to wear “mom jeans.” Many women have discovered (or been converted over to) the revelation that spending some serious money on a quality pair of jeans, aka designer denim, can transform them into an “I love how I look in these jeans” gal in a heartbeat.

Don’t Let Your Blue Jeans Leave You Singing The Credit Card Blues. Designer price tags can leave many of us with empty pockets. Or worse, credit card charges that none of us need to be racking up. Let’s face it, they’re only pants.

Here are some tips to finding inexpensive designer jeans:

Online consignment shops can be a good option, if you don’t mind the recycled version. Online consignment shops such as The Snob, Sorella Amore, Tratutti and Karma Couture offer previously-owned designer denim for affordable prices. Just remember to be aware of return policies. A good jean purchase is all about the fit.

Become a “frugalista”. Outlet stores such as T.J. Maxx offer brand name clothing for a fraction of the cost that some department stores charge. They are able to pass on such great savings to you because they negotiate lower prices with department stores that have a surplus of inventory or designers who have overproduced. Inventory changes out regularly, however, so if you find a great deal, snag it! Other online options are that offer designer styles from 20%-75% or RueLaLa where you can sign up to receive notifications for the “boutique deal” of the day.

Look for the look-alike jean for less. A lot of retailers offer designer looks in denim if the designer name is not as important to you. Even Express can sometimes be on the high end, but they often offer Buy One Get One 50% deals or $ off promotions with purchase. While The Buckle carries designer denim they also offer their own brand, BKE that has the look starting at just under $75.

Go with the lesser of two evils. Even if you’re splurging at a designer boutique try these designer brands. Some styles of “Miss Me” can be found for under $100 and “Rock Revival” for under $150.

Now, if Gabby can find a way to turn a discussion about debt into a discussion about jeans, watch out. The next great modern day mom debate? Bikini vs. Tankini! (with a fiscally responsible point of view). You’d think the bikini would be less expensive, because technically there’s less to buy. But that’s a topic for another day.

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