Valentine’s Day On A Budget

The first month of 2014 is almost over, have you been keeping up with your resolutions? My resolution is to stay on budget and keep my money saving challenge going strong. So, I have created a list of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the budget.

  • Create an indoor picnic on the living room floor or in bed with available props at home, share finger foods while playing a card game, reminiscing over your photo albums or make a list of topics to stay on course for evening. To make the night even sweeter, prepare your own chocolate cover strawberries.
  • There are many local and national Valentine’s Day giveaway contests with great prizes. Radio stations are a great place to start. Enter as many as you can and maybe you’ll get lucky. 
  • Burn a CD with songs that make you think of your sweetheart, and give it to him/her or play it in car while driving to your date destination. 
  • Leave a note on your mate’s pillow expressing how special you think he/she is.
  • Place a chocolate on the pillow, too (or a single rose)…all to be discovered at bedtime.
  • Write a “10 Reasons Why I Love You” list and place on their car seat before they leave that morning. 
  • The tough economy has lured many upscale restaurants to have high-end early bird special. Find out what’s available in your area. Possibly do lunch opposed to a dinner.
  • Write a sweet note on your bathroom mirror. Use a dry erase marker or even a bar of soap!
  • Recreate your 1st date. 
  • Make the card for your sweetheart! Cards can be expensive and doesn’t always say exactly how you feel. Create your own at home with some copy or scrapbook paper, hand write the inscription & doodle some hearts on it. Maybe even glue a photo of you two on the outside! 
  • Plan a movie night, at home. Get free movies with Redbox using their codes, or just pay a $1. If you have a large inflatable pool, air it up, toss in a comforter and pillow and snuggle up together! 

Couples are a lot happier when not in debt. When you make Valentine’s Day special without making each other over spend, the night is sure to be a hit. Have a happy and cheap Valentine’s Day! It really is what is in your heart that counts and not the dollar being spent.