Throwback Thursday: Summer Activities for Kids

It’s starting to feel a lot like summer in Texas and the kids will be out of school soon. That means time to start planning activities that keep them entertained and keep you from hearing that dreaded moan “We’re bored. There’s nothing to do.” With a little early preparation you can keep them busy and be the coolest mom ever (on a budget)!

Backyard Camping – Putting up a tent and pulling out the sleeping bags is always an adventure. You don’t have to go any farther than your own backyard. Pack some snacks and board games and set out for a good time. Try to avoid the house unless nature calls of course.

Scavenger Hunt – Make a mini scavenger hunt for things around your town. Hints about historical sites in your area that will get the kids excited about looking for the items as well as learning a little about their local history. Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you can’t learn a little!

Family Park Day – Take a family walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. Most neighborhoods have public parks with play areas. Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors and all the flowers blooming before it gets too hot.

Community Outreach – When the weather does get too hot to be outside, look for things to do indoors for others. Check in to local soup kitchens or other things needed in the community. Help an older neighbor with projects around their house or by just simply taking out their trash. Lending a hand to others is always rewarding and free!

With the excessive use of technology, we have all gotten away from the simple things in life. Think about when you were a kid and the things you enjoyed most before cell phones and iPads were used to keep us busy. Let’s face it, when the kids are worn out, they sleep better and so do we! Let them get out and run off some energy while making great memories.