App… App… Everybody’s Got an App!

My gal pal and I were at dinner last night and she told me about this commercial she had seen. It was showing the ability to deposit checks into a checking account by using a phone app. She told me that she thought about switching her checking account for that feature alone. I guess I was surprised that she hadn’t heard of that feature before. My friends at Fort Worth Community Credit Union have been offering that for months! I immediately launched into telling her all my favorite features of FTWCCU’s mobile app which I also want to share with you.

Check balances and transactions — When I’m at a store, debating purchasing an adorable pair of sandals, I can easily check my account balance to see if I can afford them. It’s both a good and bad thing as my shoe collection just keeps growing.

Pay bills and make loan payments — On days when I’m running errands or I have my hands full with the kids (which are most days), it’s difficult to find time to sit down and write checks or call companies to pay bills. Luckily, with FTWCCU’s mobile app, I can pay bills and make my loan payments quickly through my smartphone without ever missing a beat.

Cashback rewards — I love FTWCCU’s Purchase Rewards and use them all the time. Getting money back for buying things I was already planning on buying? Now that’s my kind of shopping! I use the app to select which rewards I want to sign up for before going out and indulging in my shoe addiction.

Mobile remote deposit — I’ve saved the best for last! I know I’ve talked about this feature before but it has really made my life so much easier. Using the app and with just a few taps, I snap a front and back image of the endorsed check and deposit it with ease. It even lets me deposit up to $5,000 a day or $10,000 a month! Not that I have that kind of money… But it’s always nice to have the option if I did.

I can also transfer money from my savings to my checking account if I decide to cave in and get more than one pair of shoes (a girl can’t just buy one pair… lol!). I even use the mobile app to look up free ATMs or branch office locations. Above all, FTWCCU’s mobile app is FREE and can be found in the App Store and Google Play Store. You know how I am and how much I love a deal and you can’t get better than free!