July 4th Safety Tips

Each year, thousands of people are injured while playing with fireworks in the month of July. Getting burned by fireworks is no joke. I have a scar from a second degree burn caused by people not knowing how to handle fireworks safely. Aside from fireworks, there are other safety precaution we should take if we want to be out on July 4th.

Swim safe — Always be careful near pools and large bodies of water. Never swim alone and make sure all the kids have a life jacket on. Statistics show that young children can drown within a few minutes of being under water. Always have a designated chaperone/life guard on watch when kids are playing in the water.


Fire zone — Are you going camping, grilling, and/or lighting up a few fireworks this weekend? If so, keep an eye out for kids running around and being close to the fire zone. Be safe and keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby in case of fire or other

Bug off — Summer is the time of year when you run into all sorts of bugs. Yuck! Keep the bugs away by covering up your food and beverages. Use bug repellent candles and sprays (that are children and pet friendly).

Sunblock — Apply sunblock before and during outdoor activities to protect your skin from UV rays. This helps can prevent a chance of sunburn and skin cancer.

Stay hydrated — If you start to feel thirsty, that’s the first sign that you’re dehydrated. Texas heat is not very friendly, so drink plenty of fluids to avoid heat illness! The more active you are, the more fluid you need.

These are some very basic tips, yet we still forget them when we are caught up in the moment or sidetracked. To keep myself from forgetting, I make a checklist and double check it to make sure everything is checked off before sitting down with a tall glass of sweet tea.

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!!