Depositing a Check on the Go!

I’ve mentioned numerous times how I love my credit union’s products and services, but I think this is one of the best thing yet — remote deposit!

Easy — I just need to use the app — make a few taps, take a front and back image of the endorsed check! And I’m good to go!

Saves time — By depositing my check on the go, I don’t have to make a trip to the branch. I can deposit my check while I’m eating lunch, waiting at the doctor’s office or waiting for my dry clean.

Anytime, anywhere — I can deposit checks 24/7 wherever I am with my FTWCCU app (as long as I have internet connections).

Secured — I can rest assured that remote deposit is secure just like online banking. Mobile banking uses state-of-the-art security including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) based security.

Doesn’t that sound awesome! The only question/concern a lot of my friends have is – how long should they keep the check before shredding it?

I usually keep my checks for two weeks after I use the remote deposit (just to be sure that my check did go through). I have asked around to my other friends, who are frequent remote deposit users, and they say anywhere between 7 to 60 days. But I think a good practice is to keep the check until you receive your bank statement that shows the deposit before shredding. How long do you keep your checks before discarding it?

You can download the FTWCCU app from the App Store or Google Play Store today!