Organize Me!

Last week (week 2)’s lucky winner is…Wendy! 

I know it’s not spring yet, but man am I ready for it!!! To me, spring cleaning and organizing is on my brain before I can thoroughly enjoy the summer months of air conditioning, flip flops and splash pads.  But where in the world do you begin? Here is how I start and how I organize the organization process!

1) Make lists of the areas/places/spaces in your home that are unsightly and a constant annoyance. Maybe it’s the pile of shoes at the front door, or maybe the junk drawer that has spilled onto your kitchen countertops! Below is a beginner’s list to get you started…

  • Medicine Cabinet  
  • Craft Supplies
  • Shoes  
  • Junk Drawer
  • Jewelry                       
  • Under Sinks
  • Makeup                       
  • Car
  • Coats/Scarves             
  • Schoolwork
  • Recipes/Cookbooks      
  • Bills
  • Shred Secure Info         
  • Mail
  • Movies/Music  
  • Important Documents

2) Examine your “free time” and prepare to fill it. Take a look at the upcoming weeks and weekends. Make a calendar to show when an afternoon is free for an hour to take care of one of the things on your list. Be flexible with your schedule, but also accountable. Don’t procrastinate. Take advantage of every minute you have. If you feel the need to take a couple of days off, then do it (but make sure you start the next day off with a big task and attack it hard).

3) Before you start one task, take two grocery bags with you to that area. One bag is for trash and the other is for sorting to keep, giveaway, or put in a better place.

4) When you have collected your “giveaway” bags, put them in a box and keep them out of sight until you make time the next weekend for a drive to your choice of charity. Tell everyone in the household that this is a place to put something they don’t use or don’t want. Try to do this at least once every 3 months or so, just to keep the box as empty as possible.

When you find the routine that works for you, keep it up!! And remember, it’s never too late to try again or try another method. There will always be laundry, always be dishes, and always be messes. Just make sure there will ALWAYS be a place for it!

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