Christmas Traditions (and Saving Money)

There is only a few days left before the big day! At this point in the game, don’t worry about that long to-do list. It will be waiting for you next year. What you should be doing is making memories with your family — I know that’s what I’m doing. Below is list of a few of my favorite Christmas traditions (and I did not write this list in pen — it’s in pencil — because the list is always changing).

Christmas Cookies — make them or buy them already made. The process of making them is fun with family and friends but the best part is enjoying them with a cup of coffee during this magical season. What are your favorite Christmas cookies?

Wrapping Presents — sometimes it can be a chore but this time of year I can recall admiring all the presents under the tree and how they were wrapped. Ah — childhood memories come flooding back! So, I try to recreate that for my family.

Twinkly Lights — all.the.lights. I love them all — on the house, on the tree, and on the dog (just kidding). Driving around and looking at Christmas lights is fun and can be done many times throughout the season — or on the way to the many Christmas plays and recitals that you’ll probably be attending.

These traditions are fairly simple for me and my family but you can make them be as extravagant and magical as you want them to be. The good thing about making traditions and memories is that you don’t have to shatter the holiday budget.

During this time of year it can be hard to stick to your monthly budget. What do you do to stick to your budget and save money? Do you use a smartphone app? Make a list and check it twice? Let me know, I’d love to hear how you make it work.

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