Shopping On A Budget

Shopping with limited funds or while trying to limit the amount spent is sometimes easier said than done. When shopping on a budget, keep these ideas in mind to help you spend less:

  1. Have a set amount in your account that you do not want to go over
  2. Make a list of whom you are buying for and the amount you are able to spend on each person
  3. Compare ads to insure you are buying the product at its lowest price
  4. Shop off clearance racks
  5. Stick to your list and your budget
  6. Use your online banking to manage account balances

Need a tool to help you keep your budget? Fort Worth Community Credit Union’s online banking offers a great program called Finance Works that can help you track your spending, not only for shopping for Christmas but all throughout the year.

Happy shopping, and a toast to an even happier new year without added debt!