Save Money by Eating Healthy

Purchasing higher priced healthy foods at the grocery store can be difficult on your wallet. Fast food may be cheaper, but unfortunately, short order foods and cheap groceries often pack on the pounds, leaving us at risk for major medical expenses such as diabetes, heart problems and more. How can you purchase healthy foods on a budget? It takes some work but it can be done. Here are a few tips:

Think about price per nutrient instead of price per calorie. Our culture gets wrapped up in “bigger is better” deals which often lead to super sized unhealthy meals. Avoid items that contain little to no nutrients like white bread and pasta and opt for the whole wheat versions instead.

Frozen veggies are still good for you, more affordable than fresh veggies, and keep longer in the freezer. You can stock up when they are on sale since they will keep in the freezer anywhere from 3 months to 1 year! Keep some nutrient rich leafy vegetables such as spinach around.

Fruit selection is more difficult because some have very little nutritional value and high sugar content. As it turns out, watermelon wins the award for the most healthy-nutrient rich-economical fruit. So chill out, cut a slice and ENJOY! When it comes to fruit, definitely choose fresh vs. canned!

If you enjoy eating healthy, (farm-fresh foods while saving money) foods from a local farmers market may be just the place for you! Following these few tips and avoiding the drive-thru will keep you feeling better, healthier and happier. Your wallet will thank you later when you don’t have to spend money on co-pays for doctor’s visits or prescription medicines either.