Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring

It’s finally warm enough to get your outside living space in order! You’ve been planning all winter long on what you want to get done in the yard when the warm weather returns, now it’s time to clean off those tools and get moving. Make Mother Nature proud by having a lovely outdoor space.

Clean up the clutter: Over the long months of winter, the clutter from the inside cleaning seems to find its way outside (with the best intentions of being disposed). Time to take a trip to the dump! Discarding piles of junk is normally free (check with your city for requirements) and it makes a big impact of the visual appearance of your yard. Not to mention your stress level once all the clutter is gone!

Make your plans reality: Map out your yard for the additions. Check the plants and flowers you have decided to plant to make sure they will survive and flourish in the area(s) they are destined for. Checking the type of soil you have before buying and planting will save you time and money, since different types of soil fits different types of plants.

Add some color: Consult the “garden greats” and get your color on! Nothing brings the happy more than a little color to drown out the drab. Check your local big box stores, the neighborhood nursery, or the random flower stand on the side of the road selling seedlings, for the flower deals you can’t miss.

Don’t forget the clothes: You wouldn’t want to be outside without your clothes on so don’t let your garden go naked either! Add some mulch or other decorative weed preventing and water saving items. Not only does it make your garden look complete, it will save you money on water.

The groundhog may have lied about his shadow, but the first day of spring has come and gone. Get out there and make your yard worthy of all the work you did during the hibernation months to make the inside of your house a home. After all, part of enjoying the outdoors is relaxing in the environment around you, who wouldn’t want that scenery to be beautiful?