Reward Programs

Can you believe it? It’s 2013! A new year for a new you. All those coupons you have been receiving and all those reward cards you’ve been signing up for will come into use now. When you make purchases through an online or in store reward programs, you are earning points.You can also find coupon codes that can be entered for specials the store may be offering. Yay for extra savings!

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Reward programs:  A lot of stores now offer reward programs, similar to the ones you get at the grocery stores. Where you earn points instead of cash. Reward programs are free to sign up and you will receive special offers, coupons, and sometime even free stuff! The free stuff can be great gifts for a special birthday or a treat yourself — thanks to the points you earned!

Frequent flyers: Looking to travel this year? Plan ahead! Many airlines and other places now offer a frequent flyers program.These loyalty programs also feature shopping portals where the money spent will send rewards right to your flying miles account. One blouse or a pair of shoes (and a little something for the kids too) could get you that much closer to a free flight or free night stay.

Don’t get me wrong, these rewards are small unless you shop once a week at a couple hundred dollars a pop. The savings do not add up to much and not very quickly either. But the way I see it, it is still savings in the bank. Let the points add up for those times you actually need something; as well as, for those time you just want to treat yourself!