Planning for Halloween

Fall is a fun time of year, especially for the little ones. By the time Halloween gets here, the kids (and big kids, too) know that the holiday season is getting started. This year I plan to get started early — which means now is the time to plan the festivities and most importantly the costumes for Halloween.  Even though we know the final idea for costumes will probably change a couple of times it would be good to get the ideas flowing.

Start looking early if you are going to buy a new costume.  While the best deals may be had in the few days before the big event, the greatest selections (and smaller crowds), are out now.  And looking early may give you some great inspiration on DIY costumes.


Recycle old clothes. Be adventurous — make your own costumes out of clothing you already have.  Put those artistic talents to work and let your imagination wander.  Not to mention the fun you and your kids could have coming up with something unique and original.

Inspiration for unique ideas. If you are planning a party, do some research online for games and decorations — the first place I start is Pinterest. You might be surprised what spaghetti noodles can be converted into to give the biggest ‘ewwww!’ of the night!

Store deals. Don’t forget about the trick-or-treater’s at your door. Check online and scout the warehouse and discount stores to take advantage of sales in order to score the loot that everyone is looking for — candy.

Stock up on supplies for next year. Buy next year’s Halloween supplies this year — November 1st.  Take advantage of huge savings and stock up without breaking the bank.

Even though it’s hard to believe, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is about to be upon us.  Getting ahead of the game will help ease the stress and allow plenty of time to make changes or use your backup plan when the ‘perfect’ items cannot be found. After all, the holidays are supposed to be a time of celebration not frustration!