Handheld Breakfasts Your Kids Will Love

School’s almost back in session. You know what I don’t miss? Frantically running all over the house at 7am trying to feed and clothe yourself and the little ones, trying not to pull your hair out. Here are a few handheld breakfast items that should be able to give you a few more minutes of sanity in the mornings.

  • Fruit smoothie. A classic. Pick your fruits, the more, the berrier. I like strawberries and blueberries. Add ice, and a little bit of milk. I like vanilla almond milk in mine, it’s a little sweeter. Throw it all in the blender and voila! A quick and delicious fruit smoothie that both you and your kids will love.
  • Yogurt parfait. For your little ones with a more sophisticated palate, start with granola in a cup. There are tons of different kinds of granola to choose from. Next add yogurt (for pickier eaters, I go with flavored yogurt) and top it with your favorite fruits. Feel free to add nuts and sprinkles if you’re feeling adventurous. J
  • Overnight oatmeal. I just learned this trick a few months ago. Put a cup of oatmeal and milk or water in the fridge the night before. The oatmeal will soak in the milk and get soft overnight. (I like to add bananas and cinnamon sugar to mine) Grab a spoon and the kids on your way out, enjoy!
  • Toast. Maybe you’re not feeling the creativity. But even toast can make a good breakfast. Try adding jelly or jam, Nutella or honey. Sliced bananas and strawberries make excellent toppings!
  • Breakfast burrito. This was my mom’s go-to when we were kids. Scramble a few eggs while heating up tortillas. They’re also really easy to personalize with bacon or veggies and cheese.
  • Bagel. You can go original with plain cream cheese, or sweeten things up using a flavored cream cheese. Like most of the others, you can add fruit for a little more nutritional value. 

There you have it. Yummy handheald breakfasts that you can enjoy too! What are some of your go-to breakfasts when you’re in a time crunch?