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Recipes That Won’t Hurt Your Budget (or waistline!)

The closer we get to February, the harder it is to eat right. With leftover Christmas goodies and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I constantly find myself surrounded by candy and cookies… And giant tins of  flavored popcorn! Lately, eating right has been nearly impossible. Luckily, I know of a few great recipes that are low in calories and high in satisfaction.

Fancy Stuff

I’m very diverse when I try out recipes. Some days I’ll sautee some chicken and steam some veggies, but other days I want to try out some more difficult recipes that require a little more time and effort. (And allow me to brag. Ha!)

  • This zucchini lasagna recipe was to die for! Instead of using pasta to separate the layers, it calls for long slices of zucchini. I couldn’t even taste the difference. I’ve become a pro at layering.  Zucchini, meat, cheese, sauce.
  • If you’re not quite ready to give up pasta. You can always try whole wheat pasta, which is a little better for you. I made a red wine spaghetti  with whole wheat pasta last week and everyone loved it!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that lately, I’ve been on a real lettuce wrap kick. Bread is my weakness and I know that subbing it out for lettuce is one sure way to cut some carbs. The great thing about lettuce wraps is that you can make them a million different ways!


The lettuce wrap possibilities are seriously endless! They’re quick and easy. Easy to make, easy on your wallet and easiest on your waistline!

These are just a few recipes I’ve tried lately. With the exception of the zucchini lasagna, these are all very quick and easy meals. I usually have lettuce and some sort of ground or deli meat in my fridge. I can’t decide if I like the calorie count or the convenience better!