Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Expensive gifts are nice. However, if you are anything like me, you end up feeling slightly guilty that your loved ones have spent so much on you. The best gifts, in my opinion, have always been those that are inexpensive and homemade. A few gifts that I have received that I will cherish forever are:

  1. Hand decorated picture frames with family photos within
  2. Regular white t-shirt with a written statement (permanent marker) as simple as “I love you”
  3. Planted flower seeds in an inexpensive flower pot
  4. A soup can decorated with drawn pictures, photos of family, or popsicle sticks that have been colored to use as a pen/pencil holder.
  5. Being pampered; breakfast/dinner being cooked, bath water being ran, foot/back rub, house been cleaned.

When it comes to gift ideas – less is generally worth more (to a woman). And having her family with her is usually worth more to her than the weight of the world in gold.

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