Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday is just two weeks away! Many retailers have already sent out their Black Friday ads and deals. You might think you have found a good deal by looking at one ad but you never know if there are other deals that are better without doing a little research.

Do your research. If you plan on making a big purchase, it is important to remember to check customers’ reviews and reports on the item before you spend your money. Take time to make sure the quality matches the price you are willing to pay.

Browse the deals before you go. Knowing which stores offer the best price and items will help you decide on where you should go first and when you should be there for the door buster deals.

Compare prices online. Sometimes online deals are a lot better than in-store deals, so compare the prices to see which one is a better option for you.

Bring ads with you. Most places now offer price matching or beat a lower price on ads, but they will require you to show the ad as proof. Be prepared and stay ahead of the game by checking the store’s policy before you go.

Early birds get the worm. Some stores reward early birds/night owls who are the first X amount of people by passing out coupons, cash deals, a guarantee for certain products, etc. If you want to get the deals, you might have to miss out on your Thanksgiving dinner and stand in line ahead of time.

You can find a lot of Black Friday ads online and on deal sites that have already gathered the ads like,, and Remember a deal is only a deal unless you need it.