Looking for Lunchbox Inspiration?

Over the Labor Day weekend, I couldn’t help but to gather up my coupons and hit the mall to seek out all of the wonderful sales! While browsing, I found a pair of shoes and a purse that I couldn’t bear to put back, so…I went over my monthly shopping budget and bought them. I know — Gabby how could you? But what can I say, a girl loves her shoes (a little too much). In order to redeem myself, I’ve decided not to shop at all this month.

Instead of thinking about shopping for shoes, I’m going to focus my mind on a new blog series which revolves around packing a healthy lunch and saving a little money, too (woo-hoo).

I understand the feeling of waking up each day to assemble a lunch with the proper nutrients to keep you full and focused is no easy task. And if you have kids, then you know they can be picky and unwilling to try new things. So, with this blog series I will share great recipes and fun and easy tips for packing a healthy lunch for you and your family – because sharing is caring.

So, welcome to “Lunchbox Lucy with Gabby.” Be on the lookout for a weekly blog post and don’t forget to share your favorite lunch ideas and easy tips in the comments section on my blog or you can share them with me on Facebook and Twitter.

Today I’d like to share with you a list of resources that have simple and tasty recipes:

Kraft Recipes
Food Network
Good Housekeeping
Real Simple

Do you need lunchbox inspiration? Look no further than Pinterest. I have created a new Pinterest board called “Lunchbox Lucy!” I’ve already pinned some great lunchbox ideas that are suitable for everyone!

I’m looking forward to providing a healthy (and budget-friendly) lunch for my family — perhaps, a new hobby! Please share your lunchbox recipes with us below in the comments or you can always find me on Facebook and Twitter.