Fall Pet Safety Tips

The days are getting shorter and darker faster, and Halloween is the first holiday of the season. So be sure to keep all hazardous things away from your pets. First thing to do to keep your pets safe is make a list of (hazardous) items that come with the holiday season.

Costumes: Dressing up your pet for the celebration days seems like a cute and fun thing to do, but keep in mind that pets can chew off and choke on small dangling accessories. Check out my Pinterest for simple pet costumes.

Toxic foods: Holiday season is a time to celebrate and cook as much delicious food as you can, but don’t forget about your pets. They love to eat as much as you do, but the difference is that they don’t know what they can and cannot eat. Pet varies, and so does toxic foods for each animal. We know chocolate is one of the few things that pets can’t digest, but so are grapes and raisins, yeast from dough, artificial sweeteners, and certain kinds of nuts.

Candy and sweets: Your pet may gobble up the sweets and the wrappers if you leave them laying out, so keep them out of your pets reach. Chocolate is the first thing that comes to mind when Halloween is in town. So remember to keep all those candy and wrappers away from your pets.

Pest control: The use of pesticides and rodenticides increases in the fall; for rodents seek shelter from the cooler weather. Keep in mind that pest control products are highly toxic to pets.  If you are planning to use them make sure to put them where your pets cannot get to them — even if they are pet safe.

In addition to keeping your pet safe and happy – holidays are a time for joy and celebration! Taking an extra safety precaution step will be worth it for everyone.