Avoid Frivolous Fees: Get a Free Checking Account

Recently, I’ve noticed there has been a lot of this talk about banks charging checking account and debit card fees to their customers.  I think this is crazy!  And makes me really happy I am a member of a Credit Union.  You see, Credit Unions take a much different approach than the “traditional” bank.  They are like one big family and because of that, you are treated like a family member.  Credit Unions are not-for-profit institutions, which mean that no one is trying to get rich off of you and there are definitely no ridiculous fees to pay (which have become a norm used by banks today).
Because I am a member of the Credit Union family and don’t have to worry about paying these crazy fees, I can focus on my real family at home.  And since I’m not constantly getting bombarded by the bank about a fee for this and that, I can focus my spending on; you know… the necessities like groceries for my family and gas for my car.
Aside from my family at home, I like to think of my other family as the staff working down at Fort Worth Community Credit Union (FTWCCU).  At FTWCCU, I know I will always have access to sound financial services and advice and oh yeah… saving money for my family is a pretty cool part too.

Links to relevant news articles regarding the newest “big bank” fees imposed on consumers:

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