3 Tips For Saving For Your Dream Home!

Do you see yourself living in that cute neighborhood with manicured lawns that’s tucked away behind a brick wall entrance or do you dream really big and picture yourself passing the days away in a tropical paradise?

Whatever your dream house looks like the time is now to start adding to your special “stash” savings account (separate from your household savings account) each month and you’ll know that these dollars are earmarked for something really special.

TIP 1: To help you get started, download a picture of your dream house and make it your screensaver. Then, each time you sit down to pay your bills online, you’ll remember to make that special stash deposit too.

TIP 2: So, I’ve read that one reason people under save for their dreams is poor mental accounting. If you don’t see what your goal is – you don’t remember that it’s just as important as any other long-term goal. Always keep your “dream” deposit account separate from your household fund budget. This way you don’t overspend and then all of the sudden . . . poof, your stash has been slowly whittled away to nothing!

TIP 3: Another way to make sure you’re stashing a little is to set up an automatic transfer each month from your checking account to your dream account and don’t dip into it even a little. “Automate” and “simplify” should be your middle name. I know that the less I have to remember to do, the more time I can spend shopping for shoes – after I’ve made my stash deposit of course!

Bonus Savings Tip: At FTWCCU.org you can set up an automatic transfer. You pick the amount!