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3 Tips for Holiday Budgeting

The best and worst part of the holidays is all the buying and spending. I love celebrating with family and showering everyone with gifts and treats. Unfortunately all those good times usually add up in my bank account. I’ve learned from the past to always be prepared especially during the holidays. Here are some tips that I wanted to share with you!

Be prepared for all of it: Sometimes we tend to think of one thing at a time during the holiday season and who can blame us? With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and Christmas, there’s an abundance to be excited about. It’s important to remember all of the holidays when planning your budget for this busy season.

Be prepared earlier than you think: One thing that always gets me is that the holiday season starts sooner than I expect. Seriously… the years just go by faster and faster and before we realize it, it’s the middle of October and we have to plan for all the big holidays and shopping! Give yourself enough time to plan thoroughly rather than rush yourself through a budget.

Be prepared for temptations: Holiday temptations are all around and retailers are aiming for vulnerabilities. Be strong and firm in your decisions. If need be, incorporate wiggle room in your budge especially for those can’t resist holiday memory-making purchases. Make a list of things to buy. Be sure to stick to your budget and stay true to the number(s) you allow yourself.

What are some things you do to budget for the holiday season?