How to Create Your Own Snack Station

What comes to mind when you think of snack stations? Cookies, sweets, and junk foods or granola bars, fruits, and healthy snacks? For my house, it’s a little bit of both – healthy and what some people consider junk food.  The funny thing about snack stations is that you create one without even realizing it! I didn’t consciously know I had one until a friend came over and mentioned how organize my “snack stations” are. I almost did a double take and ask her what she was talking about. But thanks to her, I am now more conscious of what I buy and how the “snack stations” are organized.

snack station

Grab and Go SnacksThinking of packing up some healthy fruit or trail mix for the kids to take along for the ride? Looking for way to let the kids eat while on the go? Zip locks baggies are your answer. They’re so easy to prepare whether it’s in the car, at baseball game, or just stowed away in a backpack on a leisure bike ride. What I consider grab and go snacks are cheerios that can be in a Ziploc bag, almonds and cranberries, granola bars, etc. These are perfect for school lunchbox snack packs. 

Small containers – Almost every store you go to has a wide variety of small containers wit options galore: snap on lids, twist and lock, freezer safe and more. Plus why not recycle your plastic formula containers, the ones that separate into three or four sections? These make great snack cups and are perfect for storing serving-sized snacks and different variety in one container. Another DIY idea is to clean out the coffee creamer bottle instead of tossing it. Remove the wrapper and fill these with Goldfish, raisins, marshmallows or Cheerios.

Refill weekly/biweekly- Be sure to add the items you run out of to your grocery list. Whether you shop weekly or bi-weekly, refilling should be quick and easy. Talk with your kids about what they want to add and don’t forget to include YOUR favorites too.

The snack station in the fridge is the middle pull out drawer that usually contains – fruits, string cheese, baby carrots, yogurt, etc. And for the countertop area – cereals, cookies, almonds with cranberries, granola, etc. Everyone has different tastes so my station might be different from yours. What’s in your snack station?