Money Saving Tips (from the best)

You know when it comes to savings secrets, Momma knows best! That is correct — check below for all the money saving tips that you all recommended. Thank you to everyone who submitted their best tips in the Money Saving Momma Contest. The 10 winners have been notified.

Now, without further ado, and these are some of the best money saving tips.

My mom always taught me the best way to save money is to take $10 or $20 from every check and put it in a bank account and don’t touch it and if you have to get into it pay yourself back times two. I currently have savings account for my two little girls and for myself. — Christina B.
Make a budget and stick to it! — Crystal T.
Saving money won’t make you rich but spending wisely can. Deedria D.
Limiting eating out. — Erica F.
Save all your silver coins in a jar and don’t touch it until the jar is full – Name the jar of a special item, event you really want to have, before you know it the money is there and you didn’t even miss a “dime” of it. — Heidi R.
Re-use dry cleaning bags as diaper ball bags. — Lauren B.
Use cash. Bring only a certain amount of cash when shopping. You won’t go over budget if you have only what you are allotted. — Mandy G.
Momma always said… put at least $20 from each paycheck into a savings account for a rainy day. I will also teach my kids (they are 2 and 4) that they are not the only ones with an allowance. $40 a week for myself and hubby as our pocket money helps to curb overspending. — Mandy S.
Use coupons! — Sonya B.
Using online coupon sites like Goupon, Living Social, Woot, Zulily, Totsy, etc, can save you big time on all kinds of outings from traveling to just eating out! — Zachary S.
Always go groceries shopping with a list and a non-empty stomach. — Alyssa P.
To save electricity, which will also save you money, put two dry towels in the dryer when you dry clothes. The dry towels absorb the moisture from the clothes and help the clothes dry faster! — Amy B.
Shop around for the best deal on utilities. A new electric company can save $$$ off cooling bills in the summer. — Amy H.
My money saving tip is to always put some money into your savings account each pay period for emergencies. It feels good to have an emergency fund! — Debra W.
Raise the thermostat on your air conditioner when you are not going to be home. — Elizabeth E.
When dining out, split the meal up so you have half for now and half for tomorrow’s lunch. – Elizabeth P.
I rent all the new releases of book and movies at my local library. Mostly all the libraries in the DFW area carry movies and books that have just come out that week. My family puts them on hold and we pick them up! No more movie charges!!! — Hollye B.
I always leave my credit cards at home when shopping. If I don’t have money in my checking account to pay for something, then I need to think twice about the purchase. The time it takes to run home and get my card usually talks me out of it. — Jennifer M.
Clip grocery coupons and stick to a list of the items you need while shopping. — Jennifer U.
Use the FTWCCU to set up an automatic savings plan! Each time you deposit money you can automatically transfer money to another account. That way you are saving automatically every pay period! — Kandis W.
Cook at home more and make meals for the entire week! — Kat C.
Use the internet to do your research before you purchase…the internet can save you time, and help you make an educated decision before you buy. — Lisa V.
Always use credit union ATMS to save bank fees — Lola S.
Everytime you get paid, put 10% in a safe place like the bank and don’t think about ti. Before you know it, you’ll have a lot saved! — Malinda K.
When you’re about to make a purchase, stop and ask yourself, “If a stranger offered me this item or the cash value of this item, which would I choose?” — Rachel A.
It’s Bezt to not own high interest credit cards with other companies when FTWCCU has the Best Rates. — Rosamaria L.
Take your lunch to work daily instead of wasting money eating out. — Tricia B.

Would you add anything else to this list? If so, leave it in the comments.