Make Time for Her — Mother’s Day

One of my favorite holidays is Mother’s Day. Why? Because it is all about the girls! Whether it’s you, your mom, your mother-in-law, sisters, aunts, or daughters it is a special day to celebrate being a woman. Of course the big question every year is what to get for all these wonderful ladies in your life. Here are a few ideas that are from the heart and budget friendly!

Flowers are the old faithful gift: Yes most women love to receive flowers for any occasion (or no occasion at all). You don’t have to have them delivered. You can pick up a bunch of flowers from the local grocery store and arrange them in a vase to take to mom. That way you can see the surprised look on her face. Or take her shopping for flowers like perennials or annuals and spend the day in the dirt helping her arrange them in the yard.

Make it from the heart: All moms love receiving homemade gifts and what better way to show your love than by taking time to personalize something just for her. Take photos from the past year and create a collage or calendar or pick out a few favorites and frame them for her with a note about the special memory taped to the back of the frame. If your mom likes keepsakes decorate a box to keep her favorite items or photos in and spend the day with her filling it up. Even something as simple as a homemade card can put a smile on her face.

Queen for the day: Let mom sit back while you do the cooking and cleaning. Make her favorite meal and clean up the kitchen afterwards. Clean the house (including your room, if you still live with her). Do the laundry, the grocery shopping, wash her car or do the yard work. If there are repairs to be made around the house or any chore your mom has wanted to do; take over for the day and get things done for her!

Get out and about: If your mom is an active lady get her out of the house with a trip to the mall or local shops to do some browsing. Take a walk around the neighborhood or at a park. You can even plan a picnic. It may seem childish but think of all the times your mom took you to the park as a kid and what memories that created. Now show her how much those special times meant to you by doing the same for her.

If you haven’t noticed in all these gift ideas, there is a common theme: TIME!! Spend time talking about old memories or new goals you each have in your life. No matter what you decide to buy or to make your mom make sure you make time for her! Hands down that is the best gift you can give her any day of the year.

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And Happy Mother’s Day!