Fall Decorations on a Budget

The weather is getting cooler and the holiday season is getting started. What a perfect time of year to show off your love for the fall season and your festive side by decorating the house. Celebrating doesn’t have to be expensive; there are savvy budget friendly ways.

Goodie Bags: Fill plastic gloves with tasty treats and tie off the wrist area with a twist tie is an easy way to decorate and pass out candy. If you are throwing a Halloween party, tie a string at the end and hang them around the house. Then hand them out as party favors when the party is over. What kid wouldn’t love a “hand” full of candy!

Headstones: Cut out headstone shapes in cardboard and paint them gray to create a quick, cheap and easy cemetery look to spook up the yard. Think of silly names and things to say on the tombstones to make it more original.

Using stickers and paper to decorate pumpkins: will not only make them last longer than carving them but you can remove the stickers on the pumpkin and use them later for other ideas. Or else cut out masks from construction paper and decorate with jewels, stickers, or attach some googly eyes.

Mad scientist lab: Use glass jars to turn a table into a scientist’s lab. Toss just about anything you can imagine into a glass jar with some water and a few drops of food coloring and you can quickly create a cheap Halloween decor piece. I like to use candy eye balls, plastic insects, or even doll parts to make it really creepy!

Mother Nature: Snip a few branches of colorful leaves off trees in the yard and place them in a glass vase. Add a few lemons or other fruits in the base for some contrast colors. You can even use the branches of an acorn tree that still has acorns attached to the ends. Pretty much anything you find in the yard can become an elegant centerpiece in a tall glass vase.

Recycled decoration: Pine cones and a handful of the needles in a basket is an easy way to bring the outdoors inside. If you have any leftover pumpkins from Halloween you can set them on the front porch with the pine cones and needles as a ground display. Fill a basket with squash gourds and pumpkins of different shapes and sizes for a splash of fall color to any area of the house.

The leaves are changing to some of the most beautiful colors so why not let nature do the hard work and you reap the benefits for free! Then scatter them on the mantel or table and counter tops, pretty much anywhere in the house.

When it comes to fall there is not really a wrong way to use the beauty of the season to spruce up the house. So be brave and creative with your ideas. Use the supplies nature has given us outdoors to decorate and enjoy inside to avoid breaking the bank.

Check out my Pinterest to find out more creative ideas and learn how to preserve leaves from drying up.

Saving tip: Getting ready for the holiday season gift giving? Don’t forget to set a budget and make a list (and check it twice). Use my Holiday Checklist to get started.