Money Saving Tips for Spring Yard Work

The time change has come and gone and if you’re like me, you’re still struggling with losing that hour. With a busy life, I need all the hours I can get! With the time change that means spring is right around the corner. It’s time to dig into those flower beds and spruce-up the yard (on a budget, of course). I love deciding what plants and things to use to revamp the home.
A few tips to welcome spring:
·       Check sales ads — the place you might think would be the best place to get the storage and planting items you need may be someplace you never thought of going to.
·       Plan ahead — make a list of things you want to get accomplished and budget for those things year round. This makes the expense of spring planting and yard updating manageable.
·      Check out home shows — get free advice and tons of ideas for designs.  Some items may be sold at home shows for less than what you would normally pay for them as well.
·      Use a checklist — write out what you need for planting, trimming, building, etc. Make sure to have those items on hand before you begin your adventure in spring sprucing. (Being organized and having a plan is half the battle in my house.)
·      Try to stay green -plant trees if you have space and add flowers and bushes native to your area.  This will help make sure your hard work stays beautiful for a long time, not to mention help save on water if you use drought resistant plants.
Cleaning up the yard after winter isn’t always a fun chore. It’s usually hot and sticky work, but with some planning and forethought, the end result is well worth the hard work. And playing in the sprinklers is always a fun way to relax and enjoy your family after everything is done.

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